Practices begin the first week

of January. Tournament play usually begins in February and continues through May. Teams will participate in 6-8 tournaments throughout the season.  Practices will be held on Sundays with the exception of weekends that your team plays a tournament.  As the season progresses and additional gym time becomes available we will be adding mid-week practices.  Please watch the website for updates. 


Club dues are $650.00 per player.  Half of fee is due at the December 15 parent meeting.  Second half due on January 15th.   A team may choose to add an additional tournament with the consent of the coach involved and will be paid for separately by the team members.  They will also pay for the overnight accommodations for the coach if needed.  


Gym Locations

  • Kennedy Catholic HS, Hermitage

  • West Middlesex HS, West Middlesex


If a player is involved with school sports during club season the player, parents, and club need to evaluate how well the two practices and playing schedules will work together. Usually it can be worked out so that the player can be involved with both teams.


Attendance at practices and tournaments is expected. If a player has to miss a practice, the player needs to notify the coach directly as soon as she knows about the conflict. If a player has a tournament conflict, the player needs to give the coach as much advance notice as possible.


Club dues DO NOT pay for playing time. Players who attend practice regularly, work hard, and show coachability by improving where needed will see corresponding playing time.


Club dues pay for

  • Gym rental fees

  • Coaching / administrative fees

  • Uniform / equipment fees

  • Tournament entry fees / coaches’ travel expenses

All players accounts must be paid up to date and fully registered through the OVR before they're permitted to practice with a team. 

Click Here to upgrade Membership.  You must select Penn-Ohio as your club.  Checks can be made out to Penn-Ohio Volleyball and mailed to 334 Sodom-Hutchings Rd, Vienna, OH 44473.  Hand delivered payments should be given to Club Director Carole O'Dell only. Please do not turn in payments to coaching staff.


Most of the tournaments are local and within an hour or so.  All of the tournaments should start between 8 & 9 am and end late in afternoon.  Each teams page will have a link to the OVR website that contains each tournaments start time & information.  It's expected that your daughter be there at least a half hour before the tournament begins.  All players will be required to officiate at each tournament.  A rotation will be set up by the coach of each team so that each player shares the officiating duties.  Players are not permitted to leave a tournament until released by their coach.  Coolers must stay in your vehicles and are not permitted in or outside of the tournament facilities.  If a POVBC team does not have at least 6 players present on a tournament day, we may have players from another POVBC teams placed on their roster to avoid forfeiting.  If we can not find 6 players to field a team, we will forfeit that tournament and no refund will be given for that tournament day.


The club website will contain information on teams, tournaments and practice schedules.  Last minute information and notices about club activities and open gyms will be posted on the main page and should be checked frequently.  We also have an Instagram: pennohiovolleyball 

Please follow us! If you have photos that you would like to submit from tournaments, email and we'll do our best to get them posted.

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