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Monday 7/10  5:00-6:30pm

  12,13 & 14 Divisions

Monday 7/10 6:30-8pm

15,16,17 & 18 Divisions



Thursday   7/13  5-6:30pm

12,13 & 14 Divisions

Thursday  7/13  6:30-8pm

15,16,17 & 18 Divisions


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Women Playing Volleyball


Penn-Ohio is a safe space for young athletes to develop not only as competitors, but also as young people. Where success is measured not only in wins and losses on the court, but in growth as individuals, and development of character. It is a place where life long lessons will be learned, and life long relationships will be made.

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The average player always focuses on the last play.

The great player always focuses on the next play.

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