For Information pertaining to tournaments go to your team page and click on that specific tournament.  It will provide you with venue address, start times, pool play information, etc.



Participation with a USAV juniors' team involves more than just playing! Players are also part of the officiating crew when their team is assigned as the "work team" for a match. That means various players on each team need to learn how to keep score and/or track the Libero, work as a second referee, as well as work as a line judge. The OVR has a history of well-trained junior work teams. Your cooperation in our Junior Officials Program will help us ensure that we are providing the best support officials for each match.


Through USA Volleyball, the OVR provides a curriculum with online courses to train junior players for each of these support roles.  Please review and complete the following curriculum at the following links.  




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Penn-Ohio is a safe space for young athletes to develop not only as competitors, but also as young people. Where success is measured not only in wins and losses on the court, but in growth as individuals, and development of character. It is a place where life long lessons will be learned, and life long relationships will be made.

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The great player always focuses on the next play.


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